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  • Free online math lessons: Browse through a range of free available lessons
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Topics at a Glance

Grade VI

Integers, Rational, Exponents, Powers and Roots, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Commercial Math, Algebrax Lines and Angles, Triangles.

Grade VII

Solid Shapes, Symmetry, Perimeter And Area, Trigonometry, Data Handling, Rational Numbers, xponents, Statistics, Probability, Ratio and Proportion.

Grade VIII

Commercial Math,Algebraic Expressions,Algebraic Identities,Factorization One Variable Linear Equations,Quadrilaterals,Perimeter And Area,Surface Area And Volume,Solid Shapes,Data Handling

Grade IX

Real Numbers, Polynomials, Two Variable Linear Equations, Lines and Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles,Coordinate Geometry, Perimeter And Area, Surface Area And Volume.

Grade X

Statistics, Probability, Number Systems, Polynomials, Two Variable Linear Equation Pairs, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Progression, Triangles, Circles, Coordinate Geometry.

Grade XI

Polynomials, Parabolas, Logic, Sequence and Series, Linear Functions, Hyperbolas, Limits, Continuity, Calculus, Probability, Quadratic Functions

Grade XII

Functions, Trigonometric Identities, Comic Sections, Argand Plane, Polar Form, Matrices, Two Dimensional Vectors, Continuity, Statistics, Sequences and Series

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