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  • Master different genres like classical, western, hip-hop, rock, techno, pop, etc.
  • Learn & Master different instruments like guitar, piano, Tabla, flute, violin, etc.
  • Riyaaz with our top instructors and improve your singing.
  • Learn to play songs in harmony.

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The Benefits Of Learning Music Online With SSSI

  • We cater to an individual’s needs and preferences
  • We offer different levels of Music (beginners, intermediate, and advanced)
  • You can learn Music from the very comfort of your home
  • Scale up your skills for global certification courses

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  • We Provide Round the clock support
  • We keep a track of your performance to evaluate your growth
  • We provide free live sessions and interactive classes
  • We promise individual care and attention
  • We offer Personalised sessions

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  • Choose your level of learning (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Get your hands on different instruments and musical techniques
  • We ensured exceptional results with regular performance tracking
  • Get Free demo sessions in your selected time slot

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