Refund Policy

SSSi is a paid online tutoring service, and the payments you make will be in accordance with the service plans you choose. You agree to pay the fees associated with the course you purchase, and you give the company all authority to charge you. The company will charge you according to the payment method you selected. You must adhere to the plan you have selected and pay all additional taxes imposed on you in order to acquire the course/plan. The User is provided a variety of payment alternatives to choose from in order to use the Services. Credit cards, debit cards, EMI payments, wallet payments, online bank transfers, PayPal, GooglePay, PhonePe, Paytm, and more payment methods are available. Please note that payment gateway mechanisms are administered by the third party it is not solely administered by our team. Numerous terms are listed on the Platform, and the User is bound to those terms.

A payment gateway processes payments made by credit card, debit card, master card, net banking, online bank transfer, and other means. The User and the issuing bank administer the agreed-upon terms and policies. We will not be held liable for any type of transactional fraud. The amount to be returned is restricted to the amount paid for Services by the User. In the case of EMI transactions, however, interest will be imposed in accordance with bank regulations.

We do not provide any option for a refund. After you agree to our terms and conditions, then only the process is initiated, and you are allocated the classes. The process may include calls and emails to get your feedback. We can validate any information required at any time to initiate the services. We reserve the right to change service fees at any hour at our sole responsibility, and any changes, updates, or some modifications in the service fee shall become effective immediately. The classes are finalized only after the demo sessions or when you are fully satisfied with our tutors and their services. If any of the classes are missed due to the non-availability of the teacher or any other such reasons, we are always at your service to schedule the alternate class for you any other day at the same time frame.

All competitive exam preparation courses such as CAT, GATE, UGC NET, UPSC as well as K12 courses, etc, and others come with one demo class. The refund will not be processed if the student attends two classes. (This also includes a trial class). Additionally, we don't refund the amount rather adjust the remaining amount with other classes. However, the applicants need to share their details along with the receipts and the registration number via email. If you have any questions about the refund policy or cancellation policy then contact us by visiting our website

Cancellation Policy:

Once, you placed the order there is no way to cancel it. As the slots get books by the name of the student who gets enrolled but in case, you change your mind, the prices can be amended to include additional courses that you are interested in. SSSi has a large variety of courses from which you may pick and alter the costs. SSSi offers an immense number of courses you can choose any one of them and adjust the fees.For any further queries, send an email to with your email address and phone number given during registration, or call +91-7428739407.