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Welcome to our DIY online class! Our course is designed for kids. Learning do-it-yourself (DIY) skills can aid in the development of a child's creativity and problem-solving abilities while also instilling a sense of accomplishment. These abilities can prove advantageous in the future, as they assist in the formation of independent and resourceful adults. Our tutorials are easy-to-follow and fun, making them engaging for kids of all ages.

Enroll your child today and give them a chance to acquire a valuable opportunity that will benefit them for a lifetime.

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Why DIY Courses Are The Perfect

Way To Encourage Your Child's Creative Craft Ideas?

  • DIY courses give kids a sense of accomplishment and boost their self-esteem.
  • You will learn valuable life skills such as budgeting and time management.
  • Kids can develop their fine motor skills through DIY courses that involve cutting, pasting, and assembling.
  • You will learn the value of reusing and recycling materials, promoting sustainability.

Enroll your child in our DIY course and discover the benefits of learning about different cultures, bonding with your child, developing independence, reducing screen time, and discovering new hobbies.

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Experience The Magic Of DIY

With Our Five Fun-Filled Modules

Our DIY course is not just about learning new skills. It's about discovering your passion and unlocking your creativity. Our tutors are committed to supporting you in realizing your maximum potential and providing guidance every step of the way.

Crafts from Around the World
Paper Flower Making
DIY Home Decor
Upcycling Projects
Art Exploration

Why Choose Us

Over Others?

Here are some reasons why you should choose our online tuition for art and craft ideas

Experienced tutors

Learn from experienced tutors who are experts in their field and get top-notch instruction for different DIY projects.

Interactive sessions

Make learning fun and engaging, keeping students motivated and excited through innovative DIY crafts.

Comprehensive approach

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your child gets a well-rounded education in DIY.

Affordable pricing

Our DIY course is affordable, making it accessible to everyone.

Cultural immersion

Exposes students to different traditions and cultures through art and craft activities.


Enjoy the convenience of learning from anywhere with our online DIY course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our DIY course is designed for children aged 5-14 years.

We provide a list of required materials for each module, which can be easily found at home or at a local craft store.

Prior experience is not required. Our course is designed to teach children of all skill levels.

While we encourage children to participate in all modules, they can choose to skip a module if they are not interested.

Yes, our tutors provide personalized feedback and guidance to help each child improve their skills and techniques.

Unleash Your Child's Creativity

And Learn More From Our DIY Course

Our Do It Yourself course is designed to help children explore and appreciate creative and innovative ideas through art and craft activities. By learning about different DIY projects, children can develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our course also provides children with an opportunity to showcase their creations and gain exposure through online platforms, inspiring them to pursue their passion and turn it into a fulfilling hobby or career.

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