Immerse Yourself In The Incredible Storytelling And Folklore Of India

Start a virtual journey to gain insights into the enchanting art of ancient storytelling. Learn the skills and techniques to tell bedtime stories, mythological narration, and more. Whether it is the amusing Wisdom of Jataka tales, valuable life lessons from Panchtantra, the great epic tales of Ramayana, or the techniques of Upanyasam, we pay attention to every detail.

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Why Should You Be Taking Our Online

Storytelling And Folklore Courses?

  • To get a phenomenal opportunity to get acquainted with traditional methods of ancient storytelling and folklore.
  • Keep Indian culture alive and be a helping hand to pass them down to the next generations.
  • Help instill positive values such as courage, bravery, integrity, justice, honesty, and more in children.
  • Transmit knowledge about societal rules, obligations, and more with the teachings of Indian Folklore.

The experts at SSSi teach the perfect techniques for storytelling and comprehensively explain everything. The course is designed to introduce a fun and engaging way to explore traditional storytelling and folk tales.

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Explore The Famous Indian Folk Tales In

This Digital Storytelling Program

We have devised this innovative way to teach traditional Indian mythologies and folklore that your children will love. Some of the components of our course are:

Jataka Tales

Why Choose Us

Over Others

Though there are multiple reasons why you should opt for our storytelling and folklore course, some of the prominent ones are provided below. Have a glance!

Professional Tutors

All our teachers are experts in their fields and know all the ins and outs of their storytelling forms.


Along with the fun element, we also design our courses comprehensively so that they don’t miss out on even a single feature of folklore.


Our online classes are engaging and interactive. We involve students in practical activities to grasp the art form properly.


One of the most appealing features of Indian storytelling and folklore course is that kids can attend them from home.

Pocket Friendly

We offer our online storytelling classes at affordable prices to make our culture and art forms accessible to every child.

Exclusive Approach

With our courses, we intend to create awareness about India's rich and incredible storytelling and folklore culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Storytelling is essential to preserve the beliefs and traditions inherited from generations.

Some significant storytelling art forms in India are Dastangoi, Tholu Bommalata, Yakshagana, Paravachana, Upanyasam, Harikatha, and more.

Indian storytellers are widely known as Kathakars. Kathavachaks deliver stories from religious epics of Hinduism.

Indian storytellers use props such as puppets, musical instruments, or masks to make the process more impactful.

Props are used to keep the audience engaged, to make the story more impactful, and to provide a proper demonstration of the Katha.

Discover The Rich Culture Of India

Through Storytelling and Folklore

India is a country with a rich cultural heritage that spans thousands of years. One of the best ways to experience this culture is through its incredible storytelling and folklore. From ancient epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata to regional folktales and legends, Indian stories are full of vibrant characters, vivid imagery, and timeless wisdom. By immersing yourself in these stories, you can gain a deeper understanding of India's history, values, and traditions. Whether you're reading a book, listening to a podcast, or watching a performance, exploring the storytelling and folklore of India is a fascinating journey that is sure to captivate your imagination.

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