Terms and Conditions

Fulfillment & Refund Policy

SSSi is a paid online tutoring service, and the installments or payments done by you shall be as per the plans of services you opted for. You agree to pay the charges for the course you purchase, and you give full authority to the company to charge you. The company will charge you by the mode of payment that you have opted for. You have to stick to the plan you have purchased and pay all the additional taxes bestowed upon you to buy the course/plan. There are various options of the mode of payment that the User is given to proceed with the Services. The payment method includes Credit card, Debit card, EMI payments, Wallet payment, Online bank transfer, PayPal, GooglePay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. Concerning Clause 11, payment gateway mechanisms is administered by the third party. Numerous terms are listed on the Platform, and the User is bound to those terms.

Payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Master Card, Net banking, online bank transfer, and various other payment methods are processed using a payment gateway. The agreed terms and policies are administered between the User and the issuing bank. We shall not be held responsible for any sort of fraud in the transaction. The amount that is to be refunded shall be limited to the amount paid by the User for Services. But in the case of transactions made by EMIs, the interest will be charged as per the banks' regulations.

We do not provide any option for a refund. After you agree to our terms and conditions, then only the process is initiated, and you are allocated the classes. The process may include calls and emails to get your feedback. We can validate any information required at any time to initiate the services. We reserve the right to change service fees at any hour at our sole responsibility, and any changes, updates, or some modifications in the service fee shall become effective immediately. The classes are finalized only after the demo sessions or when you are fully satisfied with our tutors and their services.If any of the classes are missed due to the non-availability of the teacher or any other such reasons, we are always at your service to schedule the alternate class for you any other day at the same time frame.

Privacy Policy

1. Personal Data

It is the collection of information that is collected to identify an individual. It may in your Adhaar details, email address, residential address, identity proof, contact details, etc.

2. Children's Privacy

We collect your and your ward's information in order to provide our services at the earliest. We promise to protect the privacy of the person who uses our services. We keep all the information confidential, and we make sure there is no compromise with privacy.

3. What Personal Data do we Collect & Process?

The list of Personal Data that we collect and process is given below:

  1. Identity proof of you/ or your ward with name, email address, contact number, passport size photograph, residential address proof, gender, school name, date of birth, etc.
  2. Financial data is required like account details, payment details, invoices, pay in slips, etc.<.span>
  3. Something for online identification is needed like IP address, transaction details, device details, etc.
  4. Online sessions are recorded and are used for quality audits and training of the teachers.
  5. Projects, assignments, quizzes, activities, mock tests, performance analysis are done as part of our programs.

Most of the Personal Data that we have is provided by you during the registration. It also includes the data that is automatically collected when you use our application or website. The automatically collected information includes the device ID, IP address, User details, language preference, type of operating system, and the information that is collected through cookies. It is to be noted that we do not collect the personal information of the User for behavioral advertising. We strictly prohibit third-party behavioral trackers, and we ensure the privacy o our users.

In the progress of your Platform's usage, we need parents to create a Gmail account on behalf of their ward by following all the terms and conditions of Google. The Gmail account is created to enable the Child to sign in and have access to our website. We shall also collect information from your G-mail account that you use to sign in. With your Gmail account when you sign in into our website, you agree to our collection, storage, and usage of your personal data, as per the Privacy Policy of our company.

We shall also receive your Personal Data from third parties and the sources of information that are available publicly.

4. How do we use your Personal Data?

We use your Personal Data for the following reasons:

  1. To authenticate the identity of the User.
  2. To present and improve our services and products.
  3. To conduct quality audits.
  4. To undergo teachers' training.
  5. To communicate with the User regarding the products and services.
  6. To make our Users aware of the notifications, updates, and surveys.
  7. To improve and develop our products and services.
  8. For product analysis and market research.
  9. To manage queries and complaints from your end.
  10. To develop new features and ensure an efficient customer care experience for our users.
  11. To keep a check on legal or regulatory requirements.
  12. To prevent any illegal activities and fraud.
  13. To provide emergency assistance and for maintenance purposes.

5. Cookies and Tracking Mechanisms

On our website, we shall use cookies and other tracking mechanisms to collect your information and data.

Cookies are the pieces of data usually chosen and first sent by the web server and stored on the users' system by the web browser. It is the text file that is placed on your system by the website you visit. They are generally used to make websites work more efficiently and effectively and give information about your updates to the website owner. Underlined are the categories of cookies:

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies - These cookies are required to run the website and to keep it secure.
  2. Functional Cookies - These cookies allow us to monitor your feeds and choices you made while browsing, like username, language, gender, etc.
  3. Performance/Analytics Cookies - These cookies collect data of how you used our services i.e. which page was visited the most, number of times the page was opened. It is usually used to improve the performance of the website.
  4. Marketing Cookies - These cookies help us identify which of our services are relevant to you. This information is used for tailoring the ads that you come across when you visit our website.

6. Say NO to the sale of personal data

We are highly against the sale of any personal data for advertising, marketing, third-party use, etc. The personal data that is provided to us by our users is never compromised. As per our policies, we are bound to protect your and your ward's Personal Data. We take reasonable steps to protect your Data from unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, and deletion. We delete your Personal Data that is not needed.

7. Data Security

Our sole aim is to keep your and your wards' Personal Data safe. The security and safety of your data is critical to us. Although we try our best to keep your information un-touched and un-hindered, we cannot guarantee complete security because no method of electronic storage is 100% secure. We collect your and your ward's Personal Data in a safe operating environment that can only be accessed by our employees, representatives, and service providers. We promise you confidentiality and security according to industry standards.

8. Notification of changes

We constantly review and update our Privacy policy to guarantee it is accurate and up-to-date to the industry standards. The changes we make will be in immediate effect after being posted on the page. The right to update or change the Privacy Policy is reserved, so you should keep a periodic check on the privacy policies.