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A figure of speech is a means of clearly and creatively describing something or someone. The words or phrases may not imply precisely what they indicate, but they create a vivid image in the reader's or listener's mind. A phrase or a single word can be used as a figure of speech. Rhetorical figures are sometimes known as figures of speech.
Given, D= 945 km T= 7 hours Distance covered by car in 1 hour = 945/7 = 135km Thus, Distance covered by car in 9 hours = 135 x 9 = 1215 km
When a conductor carrying current is subjected to an external magnetic field, it feels a force, according to Fleming's left-hand rule. This force is perpendicular to both the magnetic field and the direction of current flow. Fleming's left-hand rule does not determine the magnitude; rather, it just reveals the direction of the parameter – current, magnetic field, and force – when the direction of the other two parameters is known.
Average Speed can be defined as the total distance covered by the object at a particular time interval. It is a scalar quantity which means it doesn’t have a direction it is mainly represented by the magnitude.
Granite is the most common igneous rock. When magma cools beneath Earth’s surface, it forms granite. It consists of minerals such as mica, quartz and feldspar. It is usually white, grey or pink in colour. Mainly used for making statues, floors, kitchen and counters.
Solar and lunar are the two types of eclipses. Solar eclipses happen when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting a moving shadow on the planet's surface. When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, a lunar eclipse occurs, creating a shadow on the Moon.
The Greek terms phos (pronounced "fos") and σύνθεσις(pronounced "synthesis") are combined to form the phrase "photosynthesis." Phos is a Greek word that signifies "bright" and "combines." This is defined as "combining with the aid of light."Photosynthesis is the conversion of sunlight, carbon dioxide (CO2), and water into food (sugars) and oxygen by plants, algae, and some microorganisms. The formula for photosynthesis, would look like this: 6CO2 + 6H2O + Light energy → C6H12O6 (sugar) + 6O2
Coconut plant: he compared the nuts of coconut to human heads Paan: he wrote the beetle has no fruit and only grows for the sake of his leaves.
The tissue that smooths the surfaces of bones at joints is known as cartilage. It is a flexible tissue that protects and smooths the joints and can be found near the ends of bones, the rib cage, the nose, and the ear.
A wave is a disturbance that passes across a medium as a result of repeated periodic motion of particles about their mean location, with the disturbance being passed from one particle to the next without the medium moving.
In the early 1970’ s some timber contractors went to cut the trees in the Terai forest of Garhwal in Uttrakhand. Some local women decided to prevent this deforestation and were ready to give up their lives to prevent them from being cut. This movement is called Chipko Movement and it gradually spread to the entire country. Sundrlal Bhugana, Gaura Devi and Chandi Prasad Bhatt are some famous leaders of this movement.
Ozone is the molecule formed by the three atoms of oxygen known as isotopes of oxygen. The primary purpose of the ozone layer is to shield the earth's surface from the sun's harmful UV radiation. These rays are toxic to living things and can cause skin cancer.
Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers merge to form the holy River Ganga at Devprayag. Devprayag (850 m) is a pilgrimage town in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. It is a small town situated on the route from Rishikesh to Badrinath.
Till date, the Preamble has been amended only once. During the Emergency in India, on 18th December 1976, Indira Gandhi pushed several changes to the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act. It added three new words Socialist, Secular and Integrity.
Hailey National Park, India's first national park named after its founder Sir Malcolm Hailey, was established in 1936. In the mid-1950s, it was called Ramganga before being altered to Corbett. Corbett National Park, sometimes known as Jim Corbett National Park, is a national park in Uttarakhand India.
Genes are DNA segments that are tightly coiled into chromosomes. A gene is made up of a particular nucleotide sequence. A nitrogenous base, a sugar molecule, and a phosphate group make up a nucleotide.
There is a two-hour time difference between Gujarat and Arunachal Pradesh. As a result, the time along India's Standard Meridian (82° 30' E) passing through Mirzapur (in Uttar Pradesh) is used as the country's standard time. Otherwise, different parts of India would have different timings, causing complications; so, a single universal standard time for the whole country has been chosen and named Indian Standard Time (IST).
Capillaries are the thinnest blood vessels. Small, thin blood vessels that link the arteries and veins are known as capillaries. Their thin walls enable oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide, and waste products to flow through.
The renowned Chola dynasty's temples represent their mastery in building, art, and bronze casting. These temples were built by Raja Raja Chola I and Rajendra and are mainly famous for their architectural and sculptural marvels. These temples have conferred the title of UNESCO world heritage site in 1987.
Kabaddi is the national game of Bangladesh. It is also known as Ha-Du-Du or the "game of rural Bengal," and is played according to different rules depending on where it is played. Visitors visiting Bangladesh would undoubtedly love witnessing a game of Kabadi since spectator support is loud and energetic.
On March 6, 2022, the Central Industrial Security Forces (CISF) held their 53rd Raising Day event in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, spoke during the CISF's Raising Day event at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which reports to the Union Home Ministry, is a central armed police force and one of India's six paramilitary forces. The CISF protects around 30 lakh people on the Delhi Metro and ten lakh travelers in airports throughout the country.
Fresh Grapes is the largest exported item among all fresh food categories. During 2020-21, the export value of Fresh Grapes was 314 million dollars.
The heat produced by a 100 W heater in 2 minutes will be given by Energy = P× =100 × 2 × 60 = 12000 J = 12.0 kJ
Higher the oxidising potential, higher is the tendency to lose an electron, and higher is the reducing nature, so the order is Y>Z>X.
Mitoplasts are mitochondria with their outer membrane peeled away while retaining their inner membrane intact.
Ionic compounds are generated when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another, and these ions have a stronger attractive force than their repulsive forces. The ions form a crystalline structure by arranging themselves so that they have the least amount of potential energy. As a result, the ions can't move and can't conduct electricity.
The new national flag of the Republic of South Africa was unfurled at midnight on April 26, 1994, marking the birth of a new democracy in the world. It resulted in a foundational change in political scenery and ushered in a new constitutional legal order unprecedented in the country's history.
The addition is affected by the associative property. As a result, you can add three or more numbers in any order and get the same result. "As per associative property: A + (B + C) = (A + B) + C A × (B × C) = (A × B) × C"
King Ashoka claimed to be the "Love of the Gods" (Devanampiya) and Priyadarshani for who he regards others with great kindness.
Mongolia became a republic in 1921 after long years of struggle.
Tripura is a hilly region in northeast India surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides and is home to a varied mix of tribal cultures and religious groups. The majestic Ujjayanta Palace is nestled among Mughal gardens in Agartala's capital, while Gedu Mia's Mosque boasts white marble domes and towers.
Olaf Scholz is the current chancellor of Germany.
An Act that enforces standards of weights and measures relates to the Legal Metrology Act.
The National Anti-Doping Agency is India's national organisation in charge of promoting, coordinating, and monitoring the anti-doping programme in all forms of sport. Suniel Shetty was selected as the National Anti-Doping Agency NADA brand ambassador.
Yes, yo uare eligible for CSIR NET examinaition. it does not matter whether you pursue your master's degree through regular or distance you should meet the eligibility criteria as per the UGC guidelines. Distance education degree holders are not barred from taking the National Eligibility Test, according to the University Grants Commission. If you have a degree from a UGC-approved college, you are eligible to apply. Eligibility Criteria: Criteria for Eligibility 1. Nationality: Only Indians are permitted to enter. 2. Education: A post-secondary degree from a UGC-accredited institution is required. 3. Percentage: For the General and Other Backward Class, 55 percent or higher is required. 4. Percentage: For Schedule Tribe and Schedule Caste, at least 50%. 5. Students in their last year are welcome to participate. 6. However, according to UGC guidelines, they must present their degree within two years. 7. Attempts: There is no limit to how many times you may appear. 8. Age (JRF): 28 years, with a three-year relaxation for OBCs and a five-year relaxation for SCs and STs. 9. Your age (Lectureship). The minimum age is 19, and there is no maximum age limit.
"Every year on February 11, the globe celebrates 'International Day of Women and Girls in Science.' The sixth International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly will be held. The United Nations is in charge of commemorating the day. The topic for this year is 'Women Scientists in the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Fight.'"
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Banking is a process whereby the outer edges of a road are raised to a certain height while the inner edges are kept at a lower level. The angle of inclination of the road is usually about 2 degrees. Banking is done so as to minimise the wear and tear of the tyres while in curved motion. When a vehicle traces a circular path, a centripetal force acts towards the centre, thereby increasing the friction between the road and the tyres. On banking the road, however, some component of gravity (due to inclination) compensates for the centripetal force. This minimises the friction, thereby reducing the wear and tear of the tyres.
Specific heat is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of a substance by 1-degree Celsius. In other words, we can say that on being supplied with external heat energy, a substance with a high value of specific heat will absorb more heat energy in order to reflect a temperature increase as compared to another substance that has a lower specific heat value. In a power plant, the job of a coolant is to keep the system cool by absorbing as much heat energy as possible. Therefore, the value of specific heat for a coolant must be high.
States of matter are represented by the changes in the macro and micro properties of a substance with changing external conditions (primarily temperature and pressure). Typically, we know of four primary states of matter that can easily be observed. These include Solids, Liquids, Gases, and Plasma. However, scientists believe there can be as many as 22 states of matter in existence! These states are not found under normal conditions but can be found in the extremities of the universe and some of them can even be observed in a laboratory. Some of these include: Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC), Super Critical Fluid, Super Solid, Quantum Spin Liquid, etc.
As we know, free electrons in a conductor get attracted to the positive end of the conductor. When electricity conducting material is subjected to an external electric field, positive and negative elements within the conductor get separated. The velocity with which the negative elements (electrons) drift towards the positive end of the conductor is known as drift velocity. Mathematically, it is defined as: vd = (eE/m).T where, vd = Drift Velocity e = Electron Charge E = Strength of the external electric field m = Mass of the electron T = The average relaxation time
"Carolina Marin, the Olympic champion, won gold in the BWF Swiss Open Super 300 competition. In the final match of the women's singles tournament, she defeated India's ace badminton player PV Sindhu 12-21, 5-21. P V Sindhu, the defending world champion, had his first final appearance since the World Championships here in 2019. Kidambi Srikanth was knocked out of the event semi-finals by Viktor Axelsen."
Prime factors of 26=2×13 Prime factors of 91=7×13 As 13 is the only common factor. Therefore, HCF(26,91)=13
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Steam has more heat content than liquid water at 100 degrees. This is because of something known as the latent heat of evaporation. As liquid water approaches a temperature of 100 degrees, it does not immediately get converted into steam. It is simply water at 100 degrees. Now, when we further heat the liquid water beyond this point, the temperature of the water does not change. This is because the heat energy being supplied is spent in weakening the molecular bonds, which helps water transit from liquid to gaseous state. Therefore, the steam present has a heat content equivalent to that contained by liquid water at 100 degrees plus the latent heat required to convert liquid water into steam.
Sulphurous acid two acidic radicals can be derived.
Russia has the largest deposits of iron in Europe.
Bank Statement and Passbook are similar things
The scientific study of how people's ideas, feelings, beliefs, intentions, and aspirations are formed in a social environment via actual or imagined interactions with others is known as social psychology.
An earthquake is a strong surface shaking caused by movement in the earth's mantle or volcanic activity.
(2,3)R; (1,2)R; (1,2)R; (1,2)R; (1,2)R; (1,2)R; (1,2) If (2,1),(3,2)R, R is symmetric. R=(1,1),(2,2),(3,3),(2,1),(3,2),(2,3),(1,2) is now equal to R=(1,1),(2,2),(3,3),(2,1),(3,2),(2,3),(1,2) If (3,1);(1,3)R, R is transitive. As a result, R becomes and (1,1)(2,2)(3,3)(2,1)(3,2)(1,3) equivalence relation by adding (1,1)(2,2)(3,3)(2,1)(3,2)(1,3) (1,2). Hence, There are a total of seven ordered pairs.
Whenever a bacterial population comes into contact with a specific antibiotic, those sensitive bacteria perish. However, certain bacteria develop resistance to the antibiotic due to mutations. As the competitive bacteria die, such resistant bacteria survive and reproduce swiftly. Resistance-producing genes increase quickly, and the entire bacterial population becomes resistant. Hence they are pre-existing variations in the population.
Planck's constant is one of the fundamental physical constants of the universe. It is defined as the change in energy of a substance with respect to a unit change in it's frequency. Mathematically, this can be expressed as h = E/f, or E = hf (where E = Energy, f = frequency, h = Planck's constant). The magnitude of Planck's constant (h) is 6.626 x 10^-34 Js.
Significant digits in a quantity include all the digits included in a quantity that carry a well-defined meaning. The given quantity here is 0.0060320 m. We can express this as 6.0320 x 10^-3 m. Since all non-zero numbers in any quantity are significant, 6, 3, 2 are significant. Also, all zeroes that are placed between non-zero digits (i.e which are neither leading nor trailing) are also significant. Additionally, all zeroes to the right of a decimal place are counted as significant digits as they specify a meaning (they may be used to signify the measuring ability of the measuring system). Therefore, the total number of significant digits is 5.
Isotropic amorphous materials have the same thermal and optical characteristics in all dimensions. Hence are They are anisotropic is incorrect.
Ernst Mayr proposed the "Biological Species Concept," which helped develop the present synthesis of evolutionary theory. According to which species is the most fundamental unit of life and the only one that exists.
It is 0.012 kg 1 mol C-12 atoms = 6.022 1023 atoms = 12.00 g C-12 • Avogadro's Number is the number of particles in one mole (6.0221421 x 1023).
Albert Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity. The theory of relativity usually refers to two connected ideas devised and published by Albert Einstein in 1905 and 1915, respectively: special relativity and general relativity
For someone unfamiliar with the concept, the very first instinct would be to say a^2 + b^2. However, this is incorrect. Let us understand this through a simple example. Let there be two numbers: 3 and 5. (3 + 5)^2 = 82 = 64 But, 3^2 + 5^2 = 9 + 25 = 34 This clearly suggests that (a + b)^2 is not equal to a^2 + b^2. But why does this happen? (a + b)^2 simply means (a + b) * (a + b) = a*a + a*b + b*a + b*b = a^2 + ab + ba + b^2 = a^2 + 2ab + b^2 Therefore, the correct interpretation of (a + b)^2 is a^2 + 2ab + b^2.

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