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  • Online lectures that are tailored to suit the needs of the students.
  • Concepts are taught through enjoyable, interactive sessions.
  • Worksheets are created based on the ICSE Civics curriculum for class 6.
  • Equal focus is placed on civics' academic and practical components.
Class 6 Computer Science CBSE, ICSE

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Why is there a need to take this course?

  • You can explore the creative side of the topic with the guidance of our best online civics tutors for class 6 in India.
  • You increase your academic preparation for Olympiads and other competitive tests.
  • A solid foundation in civics is crucial if you plan to pursue this field in the future.
  • A solid civics foundation will benefit you in other courses as well.
Class 6 History ICSE Online Tuition
Class 6 History ICSE Online Tuition Classes

The benefits of learning this course with SSSi

  • SSSi provides a comprehensive understanding of government and citizenship.
  • Interactive sessions with tutors promote engagement and critical thinking skills.
  • Regular sessions with our tutor can help students improve their grades and pass civics exams.
  • Students can access our civics experts from anywhere in the world.

Choose SSSi Online Tutoring classes and stay ahead

  • Get all the best ideas from the top class 6 civics online courses.
  • Our one-on-one sessions keep you updated on developments.
  • We offer frequent revision sessions that assist students in achieving top marks.
  • Schedule a demo Civics class for the sixth grade TODAY!

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