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  • To explore the full potential of your child with ages-old techniques
  • To improve his mental ability at its fullest
  • Simplify complex calculations
  • Improved memory power
  • Improves confidence and make your child future-ready

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  • Best Vedic maths live lectures for all levels of difficulty.
  • Easy Maths tricks to help you with all calculation based problems.
  • A detailed history of Vedic maths to help you understand the origins of this innovative art of performing calculations at lightning-fast speeds.
  • Regular feedback and performance tracker to constantly monitor your improvement.
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  • Mastery over Vedic maths helps you solve complex problems in no time.
  • Regular practice of Vedic maths techniques sharpens your mind and boosts your IQ.
  • Helps you look smart and impress people with your calculation skills.
  • Stand out from the crowd with our masterfully crafted course on Vedic maths training.
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The benefits of learning this course with SSSi

  • Get access to world-class tutors from the comfort of your home.
  • Engage with your tutor without any social or linguistic barriers through our user-friendly interface.
  • Learn the core concepts of Vedic Maths along with their application in real life.
  • Study whenever you want, wherever you want. No unnecessary pressure of managing through rigid schedules.

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  • We offer Vedic Maths tutoring at different levels, to cater the students of different ages
  • We assign the most suitable tutor to a child by identifying his skills at a personal level
  • We use advanced and fun learning techniques to keep students engaged and interested
  • You will see ensured results with regular performance tracking
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